About Downsview Healthcare

Downsview Healthcare Inc. is a family of rehabilitation clinics conveniently located in the Greater Toronto Area (North York) that offer comprehensive multidisciplinary rehabilitation programs to patients who have suffered motor vehicle accidents (MVA) and personal injury as well as those patients suffering from pain and dysfunction due to acute or chronic conditions. Downsview Healthcare is dedicated to rebuilding the quality of life of our patients who have been affected by injury by providing the highest quality of care possible and creating a positive experience for our patients. Our facilities are open late and on weekends to serve our patients better.

We utilize a multi-disciplinary team of professionals from the medical and rehabilitation fields, and are able to truly provide a very personal “total treatment environment”. Our modern facilities include exercise equipment designed for rehabilitation, a number of large rooms to accommodate education and passive treatment activities, and the latest in technology including spinal decompression, laser therapy and hydrotherapy.

All of our therapists have many years of experience and practice. Our doctors and chiropractors have over 20+ years of experience, and one of the highest levels of education in their fields.

We help access and coordinate the most effective rehabilitation for our patients. We develop strong relationships with our patients, their families and other healthcare professionals to make sure that we understand all the issues and that we accomplish what is necessary to help you and your family.

If your injuries are the result of a motor vehicle accident, our experienced team of healthcare professionals and highly qualified support team are trained and dedicated to ensure that your health and your rights are fully protected. We will do whatever is necessary to ensure your case receives the best medical and investigative specialists needed to help you recover from your injuries and ensure that your case is resolved successfully. We understand the insurance process and can help you in submitting the necessary paperwork and coordinate the insurance paperwork and treatments required for you to reach optimal recovery. If you have been involved in an accident, you are entitled to insurance-covered treatment/rehabilitation whether or not you are deemed at fault in the accident.