Patient Education

More Than Just a Physio Clinic

True Multidisciplinary Care

Downsview has doctors and healthcare providers who specialize in different areas working together toprovide our patients with the most comprehensive treatment. Our collaborative approach is the best practice in terms of treatment planning and care for accident victims. To learn more about our services click here.

MVA Treatment Leaders

Downsview Healthcare has been providing MVA victims with treatment for over 20 years. Our staff istrained and dedicated to ensure that your health and your rights are fully protected. Our healthcare staff is trained to provide you with the most appropriate treatment available using the most advanced techniques. Our support staff is trained to deal with all aspects of your insurance claim. We ensure that your case receives the best medical and investigative specialists needed to help you recover from your injuries and ensure that your case is resolved successfully. To learn more about our MVA program click here.

Rapid Access to Medical Specialists and MRI/CT Scan Appointments

We provide rapid access to specialist and diagnostic testing like MRI’s and CT scans. We take great careto ensure that our accident victims are seen by the right specialist for the right problem. Downsview Healthcare Inc. has partnerships with MRI laboratories and can accommodate most MRI requests within 48 hours. To learn more about our services click here.

Flexible Hours of Operation to Serve You Better

Our offices are open late and on weekends to accommodate our patients with busy schedules. To see the full details of our schedule click here.


We offer round trip transportation for our motor vehicle accident clients who would otherwise havedifficulty presenting to our clinics. This service ensures that our clients do not sustain interruptions in treatment due to accessibility and that injuries are not exacerbated due to long trips on public transportation.

Translation Services

Translation services are available upon request. Our multicultural and multilingual staff builds rapportwith our clients, and is able to communicate in the following languages: Cantonese, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Mandarin, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, Ukrainian, and Urdu.

Independent Medical Examinations

We provide our accident victims with professional quality medical and health assessments to assist themwith management of their cases. Our extensive network can be accessed by our clients by referral to expedite evaluation and/or medical services. Our medical assessors receive exceptional training and mentorship and provide reports that meet our clients’ needs. To learn more about these services click here.